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What is Wellness?

Most people think of wellness in the sense of the physical body. Our bodies are our foundation, and an integral part of wellness. However, wellness can also apply to the social, financial, intellectual, emotional, environmental, and spiritual arenas. Whether you only want to focus on one area of wellness or multiple areas, we work together to create an individualized plan for you, based on the goals you choose to work on.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Normally, wellness coaches empower their clients to achieve measurable goals related to wellness by conducting 30-45 minute sessions once or twice a week. You would meet with me and we would problem solve whatever barriers stop you from achieving true wellness. With my experience and licensure, I’m able to coach you through more internal goals like stress relief, time management, and conflict resolution in addition to your health goals. Whatever your goals, I’m here to listen to your story, learn about changes you desire to make, and help you become someone who is thriving. I’m committed to working with you until you are living the life you want!

Why Invest in a Wellness Coach?
Your health is worth it! I believe more joy is found in life when we feel healthy and when we are healthy! It’s motivating and empowering in all areas of life when you feel good! Being healthy benefits every area of our lives, from our brain, to our emotions, to our physical well-being.
Some examples include…
– to learn how to incorporate healthy habits into their routines
– to encourage healthy living behaviors
– to receive knowledge on how to decrease and/or eliminate unhealthy behaviors
-to establish an exercise routine
-to improve relationships with family/friends/co-workers
-to learn conflict resolution skills
-to practice mindfulness
-to cope with emotions
-to manage stress
-to improve time management skills
… the possibilities are limitless

Are you ready to THRIVE?